When to disable your online dating profile

when to disable your online dating profile

We were so caught up in our relationship, we didn't update our statuses for a good three months after we started seeing each other. He might have deactivated his account after his date with her but it does not mean that it was her that he deactivated the account for. Removing, hiding or deleting your online dating site profile can be a big step if you have invested a lot of time and effort in making it as attractive as possible. He could be dating a few girls from the website. This will just make you look paranoid and not the sort of person who trusts easily. Select One Man Woman. Sep 15, 5.

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So going after and demanding to know why you can still see them on the website could be a recipe for disaster.

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Do people seriously expect you to delete/deactivate your online dating profile after a great date?

Interestingly, some had exact parameters as to how long you should wait, while others were more laid-back about it, but pretty much all of them agreed that you should wait at least as long as it takes to become mutually exclusive. In other words, don't hightail it home after a few good dates with someone and delete your Tinder or OkCupid profiles forever, because you just might wish you'd waited a bit longer. As she did, a slew of texts and notifications filled her boyfriend's screen… including one from Bumble announcing a new connection. There's of course no hard-and-fast rule for when to delete all the dating apps you've used in the past.

when to disable your online dating profile
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